Friday, July 27, 2012

It's never too late if you are willing to try

There are some days I feel invincible, how could I make it through so many close calls and still be here, but then I come back to reality and realize I probably have less time than most people my age.  To be honest because of this I have dove head first into all the opportunities I have been presented in life.  I don't necessarily suggest this, but at the same time I always believe if I don't put faith in things and just try that I may miss out on an amazing opportunity in my life.  Life can pass you by so quickly and I don't want to regret a second because I let my fears get in the way of experiencing life.  With the multiple health scares, accidents, being beat to an edge of life, being stabbed (oops I know I forgot to mention that one), etc. I realized that life can be gone in a split second.  In that sense I never wanted to dwell on the bad and only on the good, I wanted to keep trying, keep moving forward.  I also realize that for me what really matters is trying to make everyone feel happy.  I would never wish my bad fortunes on anyone, but I am happy to have this bad fortune if it saves someone else from feeling this way.  Most people think I am insane, but I would jump in front of a bullet for any person any day of the week, I don't undervalue my life, but I don't feel my life is worth more than anyone else, why not give another person the opportunity to continue to live life.  I may not have had the perfect life, but I have taken every opportunity, lived without regrets, put my life into others, it may seem weird, but I am happy with my life so far.  I am human, I do wish things went differently, but life is a gamble, one day either in this life or the next I will find my peace, but for now I just want to be there for everyone else, nothing makes me feel better about my life than helping other people out and making them happy. Life is a crazy ride and when it comes to an end, I can say that I continued to try and took at chance every opportunity that I got.

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